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	Our Savior is Jewish, and according to the Bible, Israel is Godís chosen people (Duet 7:6-).  He promised that He would never let them cease (Jer 31:36) from being a people, and that one day He would bring them back into the land that He gave them (Isaiah 11:11-12).  2,000 years after they were scattered, He has brought them back into their land, still called by the former names.  
	And now, those of us who believe in Godís word are to pray for their prosperity and blessings and peace (Gen 12:3).  We are to support their right to the Land God gave them,  including Jerusalem, the Golan, and the land on the Jordan River.  Through Godís blessings, they reclaimed this land in 1967 when they were attacked on all sides, but by Godís miracles and mercy, overcame. (Joel 3:2, Ez 36:2-5. . .)  
	For their own geographical safety, and by the standard rules of war, that small, carved out land is theirs.  But more significantly, by the miracle of the fulfillment of 3,500 year old prophesies, God has proven His sovereignty.  To ignore such evidence is to oppose God. (Zech 12:1-10)
	God also promises that when He brings them back into their land, that he will sprinkle them with His Spirit, and bring gentiles with faith in the Messiah of their Yahweh  to bless and support and pray for them. We evangelical Christians do so,

The Simple Message

(More Bible Evidence and Understanding the Messiah)


Jesus paid the price to set us free.† The gospel is not an iron chainóit is our emancipation.† We know that we are all subject to death, but only the Bible explains that death is the result of sin in the world.† It was introduced into Godís perfect Creation when the first man believed that he could be more, and have more if he rejected Godís ways for the temptation of his own self-will.

The cost of our self-willed rejection of Godís ways is that we venture outside of Godís protection, and in our defiance we bring on the consequences of our errors and self-centered actions.† Not only do we suffer for our own sin, but for the compounded sins of others, as they are all intertwined.† We are all subject to the effects of a world polluted with that sin.

ďWhat kind of God would. . .?Ē becomes our arrogant accusation of our Maker, and so we excuse ourselves from seeking Him.† But this God that we blame for the consequences of sin is the one who gave us the free will to make our own decisions.† He has a good plan for us, and though no one can resist His will, we are free to decide for ourselves whether we desire this good truth and life, or to follow the lies of a self-centered life that leads to death.† But God willingly proves Himself to us every day, and lovingly waits for us to decide, so that our love is willingly offered to him.

This world full of evil and death is not Godís desire for us.† His will is for a full restoration.† Restoration of life, of His perfect Creation, and the restoration of our relationship with Him.† How is it possible to restore what has been so corrupted?† Can the infection of sin that permeates both the world and us with death be made clean again?†

ďThe soul that sins shall die,Ē says Ezekiel 18:4.† We have broken Godís law, and justice must come as with any law breaking.† God is just, and must judge rightly, but He is also merciful, and prefers to be merciful rather than exacting punishment from us, or payment for sin.†

So this same God that we sinned against, and recklessly ignore, who gave us life, this God we mock, has an excellent plan for the restoration of our souls.† As a Father desires sons and daughters to share His good abundance with, Our Father has provided a way to return us to our original inheritance. And He did it by paying for the judgment of our punishment Himself. (Isaiah 53:5-12)

That is why He took on the form of a man, Jesus, and fulfilled His Biblical prophesies about Himself coming as our Savior.† He contained himself as a man, born of a virgin woman, and took part in our humanity, as Adam first had.† He lived the life of a man in the flesh, but since He was God, he accomplished what no man ever could by living a sinless life.† Then, when His mission was fulfilled, He allowed Himself to be killed in the body, and accepted the punishment in the body for the sin that we committed, and paid the debt of death that we owed, though He had not earned it Himself.† God could not be killed, but the body He clothed Himself with suffered pain and death.

In paying our debt, He purchased all of us from the bondage of sin and death, and set us free.† In His bodily resurrection He showed us that we are no longer under the sentence of death, but that we would live again in Him. (Hebrews 2:14-15, I Cor 15:23, 55, 56)

But like so many prisoners of an oppressor, we are often not willing to be freed.† We are addicted to the bondage of sin because we donít believe it is killing us, or that life will be better without it.† Like with any abusive relationship, we believe our captorís lies, and are scared to let go of our self-will for true freedom, and true life.† But really, Satan has taken us for a ride down a dark road.† With all of his promises of liberty, he is really bringing us more into captivity. (2 Pet 2:19)

All beauty and hope is destroyed in this world of sin and death, but you can still choose life. You know in your heart that these things are true.† Because you know that they are true, you are still in control of your own death.† Know that right now, without faith, you are already condemned, and will die in your sins not because God was unclear, or unfair, but because you didnít want the deal.† And what has He has asked of us?† Perfection?† Blind obedience? To become a Priest or a Nun?† To give all your money to the church?† No this is the cost of restoration:

ďBelieve on Him who He has sentĒ John 6:29† Jesus said ďNo man has greater love than this: to lay down his life for his friends,Ē John 15:13.† God paid the terrible cost of our rebellion to prove His love for us, and to offer free restoration and eternal life to all those who willingly follow Him.

If you want this free gift, simply tell God you believe in His salvation through Jesus.† Ask God for forgiveness of all your sins, and give your life to Him as one who has purchased you from the sentence of death.† He will send his Spirit into your heart to show that your freedom from death has been paid for, and that you have both spiritual life now, and will have a physical life in the time of the restoration, when all things are completed. ďFor God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotton Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting lifeĒ John 3:16†

Go ahead.† Pray right now.† He hears you.† He sees your heart, and knows the struggle.† He has overcome all things for you, if you just believe Him and receive Him.† Tell Him now.† Follow Him.† Learn about Him through His Word.† Find a place to fellowship that sincerely believes in and studies the Bible.† Pray, and begin anew. ďWhosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be savedĒ Romans 10:13


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Facts of Creation

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To Muslims:

Dear fellow Believers,

Your Holy Qurían talks about these things that we also believe:

 There is one God, and He created everything

 Sin came into the world when Satan corrupted the first man

 There have been many prophets, and the Taurat and the Zabur,† earlier revelations, were given to the Jews, the people of the book

 Isa (Jesus) was a prophet of God, born of a virgin, who healed many and did many miracles, and even raised the dead.

But there is more of Isaís revelation in the Injil, or New Testament. His friends wrote first-hand accounts of His life and what He taught. He said He was sent from His Father to show Godís love by taking away our sin, and healing our relationship with God.† Isa came to pay the cost for our sin so we could know Godís love for us, and know for certain that we will be with Him one day by our faith in His gift.† It is true that no man can become God, but God can become a man to fulfill His purpose. That was Isaís Claim.† He loves you.† Read the Injil to find out more, and then you too can be assured.





†††††††††††† The Bible has been scrutinized more than any other book.† Despite the desperate attempts to discredit it, the Bible has passed every test.† Here are just some remarkable qualities:

†††††††††††† This ancient text:

 Documents the longest time period and details the most civilizations

 Accurately corroborates history, and predicts archeological finds

 Was written by 40 + people over 1,500 years, yet the message retains continuity

 Is the only religious text to offer specific, accurate prophesies for authentication.

 Is the only religious text to explain the origin of the universe, the earth, life and humans, and even the cause of death, that actually fits the scientific evidence.

 Speaks for the only God to ever claim that He had made us, and loves us.†

 Reveals a God who gave Himself for us.

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