The Facts of Creation



Water is the most abundant substance on the face of the earth.  How did it get here?


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A Layman’s Guide to . . .

the Amazing but Totally True Scientific



By Wendy S. Scott

Text Box: 	This Layman’s Guide lays down one challenge that evolutionists must answer in order to remain intellectually honest about the origins of life and the universe.
	Name one undisputed scientific fact that even all evolutionists agree substantiates evolution, and  excludes  the Biblical Creation scientific model.
You know a lot of theories. . .
		Do you know a lot of facts?
	Did you know that every undisputed fact of science supports Creation, not evolution?
	This Layman’s Guide is divided into four scientific fields: Physics, Biology, Fossils, and Geology for the purpose of revealing hundreds of these Facts of Creation.  
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What or Who is your Faith Founded on?


             You believe something, and you have put your trust in something.  If it is the science that excludes God, then your faith is really in yourself. No one else will watch out for you, but you, and your power is severely limited.  Though Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in a God of Creation, they too still have a decision to make.  Each of us must weigh the very tangible evidence and decide, as every human is free to decide, who to trust with our most precious gift—our life. We all intuitively recognize deep inside that the first thing, logically, and intellectually, was not Matter, but a Mind.  We don’t pray to Matter, we don’t hope in Matter, we don’t wonder at what Matter’s plans for us are, or if Matter cares about us, but in the quiet of even the most atheist soul is a wondering, a longing, and a raging argument with our God. The decision we must all make is if we want to trust our God with our innermost vulnerabilities, with the path of our life, and our hopes—and most of all, with our death. Most people will not trust Him, though they know He is Supreme. But if you doubt the trustworthiness of your Creator, and who He really is, remember that He has reached out to you personally, in His Word, and through His Son, Jesus (Yeshua, or Isa). Only one God ever claimed to make the universe, and we are the crown of His Creation. That God promised through the prophets to send a savior to reunite us with Him. Jesus, (Yeshua, Isa) fulfilled the prophecies and proved God’s love for us, giving us peace and a sure hope, if we only trust and believe.   

What are the necessary phenomenon for an Ice Age to happen?  Check out the “Ice Age” in the “Geology section”.

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Something (everything) cannot come from nothing (physics)

The Big Bang breaks all the laws of physics (physics)

The water molecule breaks down at 2,000 degrees Celsius (geology)

There are different histone proteins at the centromeres of DNA in different species (biology)

Dinosaurs have scales, not  skin follicles (biology)

Globs of volcanic glass-like rock have been deposited throughout 200 feet of chalk in Rosh Hanikra, Israel (geology)

Gravity is a weak attractive force requiring mass for effect (physics)

DNA is a symbolic language (biology)

The complex eye is found at the  “first” level “Cambrian explosion” in the squid, not later “highly evolved” animals (fossils)

Viable tissue has been found in a T-Rex femur (geology)

The Grand Canyon deposits are 1 mile deep (geology)


Fossils and fossil fuels were created by heavy loads of water-borne sediments (geology)


Caterpillars bodily disintegrate to become butterflies (biology)


Birds (archaeopteryx) were found in “older” (lower) strata than their supposed dinosaur ancestors (fossils)



Are the Biblical accounts scientifically viable?


Search and read the Guide’s Intro and conclusion:


· Creation in 6 days?

· Could Noah build an Ark that held all those animals and survived a global Flood?

· Was the Flood a Myth?

· Were dinosaurs on the ark?

· Is there any evidence for the Tower of Babel?

· What’s the deal with cavemen?


Facts of Creation

He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His wisdom, and has stretched out the heaven by His understanding.”

Jeremiah 51:15

Why Salvation?

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”


Ps 111:10


Bible Facts

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Are Your Willing To Believe the TRUTH when it is made plain to you?

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