The Facts of Creation

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the Amazing but Totally True Scientific




By Wendy S. Scott

Are Your Willing To Believe the TRUTH when it is made plain to you?

Facts of Creation

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This Layman’s Guide is intended to reveal the simple logic of scientific TRUTH.  The author of this guide is not a research scientist.  This information has been compiled from an abundance of easily accessible and verifiable scientific authorities.  The majority of the information is common knowledge in the scientific realm, and sources of lesser known facts are cited.  Do not quote the author as a scientific authority.  This guide is intended to systematically build the case for Biblical Creation through the logical alignment and application of the abundance of established scientific facts.

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The Challenge of the Truth
The Creation Model
The Biblical Account	
Bias Dispensed	
Un-Discovered: is the Bible wiser than the Discovery Channel?	

The First Law of Thermodynamics	
Spaced out	
Theory of Relativity	
The Second Law of Thermodynamics	
Anti-Matter, Anti-Reason	
It’s a Matter of Time	
Other Physics Factors	
As a Matter of Fact—the Facts of Matter	
The Solar System	
Remarkable Planets	
Hawking:  Science Divided Against Itself	
Strings, the Ultimate Dodge	

    Let There Be Life	
The Chemicals of Life	
DNA—the Instruction Manual	
A Tall Tale	
Life Without Oxygen	
Let’s Evolve	
Vestigial Organs	
Good Mutations?	
Gradual Adaptation	
Jumping in the Gene Pool	
Mutation by Death	
Inter Species Genetic Barriers	
Survival of the Fittest	
Theory Applied	
Dino to Bird	
Punctuated Equilibrium	
In Defiance of Evolution	
Butterflies & Beetles	
The Biology of Plants	
Signs of Intelligence: DNA	
What do You Think?	
The Uniqueness of Man	
The Human as a Species	
Whose Genes are you Wearing?	
The Great Universal Law	

The Story of the Rocks	
The Cambrian Explosion	
Vertebrates and Tetrapods	
Warm and Fuzzy—Mammals	
The Mammal Explosion	
Interpreting the Fossils	
Shared Traits	
Whales and Dolphins	
Animal Conclusion	
The Descent of Man	
The Too Old “New Link”	
A History of Paleontological Mysticism	
Chart of Hominid Brain Sizes	
Major Hominidae Finds	
Interpretation of Data	
Here’s Lucy. . .	
Cavemen and Ancient Civilizations	
Living Fossils	

The “Early” Earth	
The Core Issue	
The Spread of Life	
The Earth on the Move
The Age of the Earth	
Known Errors and Problems	
Interesting Facts	
Evidence for the Flood	
Dinosaur Extinction:	
Chart of “Cretaceous/Tertiary” Extinctions	
Geologic Column	
The Evidence of Fossils	
Evolution’s Nemesis: Fossils	
Worldwide Sedimentary Deposits	
A Snowball’s Chance	
The Uniformitarian Premise	
The Evidence of Geological Formations	
Israel:  Rosh Hanikra	
The Dead Sea	
Other Formations	
Grand Canyon Depositional Evidence	
Grand Canyon Sedimentary Chart	
Mount St. Helens	
Fossil Fuels	
BIF’s: Banded Iron Formations	
Prehistoric Climate	
Other Topography	
The Ice Age	

What are the Facts?
Further Evidence and the Bible	
Dinosaurs in the Bible?	
The Post-Flood World	
The Fish Tale	
Surviving Plants	
Two by Two	
Disembark and Disburse	
Spread of Human Civilization	
Language, the Great Divider	
Common questions	
Why is the universe so big if people only live on earth?
What is going on in Genesis chapter one?	
Why do animals have claws and fangs for killing, and camouflage and defense mechanisms for escaping predators if the earth was created without death?	
Wouldn’t it take a long time for the earth to be ready for life?
The Case Against “Old Earth” Creationism	
What is the Truth?	
	Can you answer this Question?

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Brief List of Facts from throughout the Guide


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1) First law of Thermodynamics

2) Something is eternal

3) Law of Constant Mass

4) All matter would have pre-existed Big Bang

5) Gravity is a weak force and the product of mass

6) Matter is not eternal, Energy is not eternal

7) Matter comes only from Matter

8) Energy and matter (mass) are relative (E=MC2)

9) Second law of Thermodynamics (entropy)

10) Big Bang cannot be the beginning of time

11) Time is observed in changes in matter

11) Gases naturally repel, not condense

12) For every effect there is a cause

13) Structure of atom would predate Big Bang

14) Fundamental forces defy Big Bang behavior of matter: Gravity, Electromagnetic, and Nuclear

15) Laws of motion prevent Big Bang behavior of matter, (and Angular momentum)

16) Facts of solar system defy laws of matter and motion

17) Gravity too weak to capture moving bodies




1) Perfect physical conditions on earth for life

2) Life only comes from life

3) Life too complex to emerge from non-living chemicals

4) Living cells and nucleic acids are inseparable

5) Impossible to create life ourselves

6) The complex chemicals responsible for life do not naturally self-assemble

7) Oxygen interferes with chemicals

8) Oxygen is essential to our living world

9) Photosynthesis is the only biological process that produces oxygen

10) The average lifespan of bacteria is about 30 minutes

11) Mitosis and Meiosis are too different to evolve multi-celled animals

12) Every cell in an organism carries its entire genetic code

13) Sex cells must carry a specific configuration of DNA to be fertilized and reproduce

14) First multi-celled organisms recognized in the fossil record are an unimaginable jump to complex animals

15) Species are determined by parental DNA and Heredity principles are predictable

16) Mutations destroy genetic information (entropy) and hinder success

17) Natural selection uses existing genetic variation and narrows existing genes

18) The rare vestigial organs are an example of genetic loss, not expansion

19) Genetic Equilibrium dictates specific circumstances where new DNA can take over a population

20) Genetic Evidence refutes macro-evolution

21) Unsuccessful species die

22) Even bacteria cannot demonstrate that survival is in mutations

23) DNA is programmed with species stability

24) Genetic barriers prevent breeding outside species, demonstrating established “kinds”

25) Centromere histone protiens vary by species despite “common ancestor” theory

26) Successful species promote genetic stasis through genetic equilibrium

27) There is not enough species isolation and genetic innovation to enact macro-evolution

28) Examples, like the eye evolved suddenly

29) Dinosaur could not sprout feathers from non-follicle scales

30) New genetic information is not added to DNA through mutation

31) Example of butterflies and beetles refute biological evolution

32) Plant complexity defies evolutionary processes

33) DNA is a symbolic language

34) Thought is not a biological function programmable by evolution

35) Animals have pre-programmed instincts

36) Humans and Chimps too genetically separate for evolutionary timeline

37) Only humans possess language skills

38) Humans do not have the survival tools to validate ape origins strength, weapons, body form . . .



1) The fossil record does not substantiate evolutionary transitions

2) Fossil record shows species stasis

3) More variety in past then present (entropy)

4) Cambrian explosion—no fossil links

5) Vertebrate explosion—no fossil links

6) Tetrapods—no agreed upon  fish/amphibian candidates

7) No ancestor for all three amphibian body types

8) Mammals: no fossil history for development of complex features

9) Reptiles to mammals—gaps and overlap: no agreed links, over “100 million year” dormancy.

10) Fossil progression interpretation is completely interpretive

11) Unrelated animal groups inexplicably share complex traits

12) The eye is fully formed by first evolutionary level

13) Marsupials fossils are widespread with no history

14) No fossils to show whale evolution

15) No Fossil history to show inexplicably risky transitions

16) Species do not come up with new genetic material to survive—they just die

17) No fossil history for progress of plants

18) No fossils to show progress of insects

19) The dino to bird transition is backwards

20) New Link “Ida” sensation too old for a human link

20) No link between 3 ½ foot Lucy ape and man agreed upon by even evolutionists

21) Hominid gaps and overlaps contradict Evolutionary predictions

22) Neanderthals are finally acknowledged as fully human

23) Neanderthal DNA tests contradict supposed age

24) “Cavemen” and Ancient civilization fit within the young earth progress

25) Unchanged “living fossils” defy evolutionary premise



1) Earth is perfectly configured for life

2)No explanation for abundant water on the earth

3) Water is the most common chemical compound on the face of the earth

4) Water molecule bonds are broken at 2,000 degrees Celsius

5) Cool troposphere needed to permit water condensation

6) Oxygen is the most profuse element on the earth

7) Marine fossils prove the earth was once entirely covered by water

8) Fossil sea life covers every continent, and is generally mixed with terrestrial fossils

9) No way to measure the age of the earth

10) Radioisotope tests are ambitiously inaccurate

11) Radioactive decay applied based on unverified assumptions

12) Reliance on radiometric dating confirms entropy always existed

13) Radiometric dating is not scientifically verifiable and offers numerous errant or contradictory conclusions

14) Many facts support a young earth: Celestial, biological, chemical, coal and even T Rex bones

15) Population growth rates prove that the human population can only be about 4,300 years old

16) Iridium spike at K-T boundary points to massive worldwide volcanism at massive exterminations

17) Fossil evidence proves that all forms of life were abundant before “Cretaceous/Tertiary” mass extinction

18) Fossil evidence proves that birds were fully developed into major species well before dinosaur extinction

19) Mass extinction evidence only reveals that all these plants and animals died and were quickly buried

20) Only about 5% strata available for the supposed “Geological Column” at any given site around the world

21) “Geologic column” corresponds to mixed remains of ecological zones

22) Terrestrial and Marine “index fossils” are frequently and inexplicably mixed in the same location

23) Fossils are formed by water and sediments

24) Delicate fossil preservations (jellyfish, crinoids, insects, leaves, feathers, hair ) point to rapid burial

25) Terrestrial (land) animals are also buried in water borne sediments, requiring a “flood” type event

26) Massive fossil graveyards establish the effects of water cataclysm, showing great collection by cataclysm

27) Inconceivable circumstances are used to explain catastrophic mixed ages, mixed systems such as leaves or clams, bazaar burials, fish graves and mixed animal burials

28) Upright fossils such as trees and Polystratic fossils such as large animals, disprove uniformitarianism

29) Misplaced animals, plants, pollen and mixed age fossils disprove evolution

30) Vast sediment deposits confirm a world flood

31) The different types of worldwide sediments indicate their deposition environment: limestone (carbonate), sandstone, mud/shale, and conglomerate.

32) No evidence of surface exposure between era gaps

33) Rosh Hanikra formation absolutely proves a worldwide rapid deposit of limestone

34) Dead Sea basin proves that the ocean was once at least hundreds of feet higher

35) Mt. Sdom is a salt deposit from a massive water evaporation

36) Massive formations are eroded from sediments indicating vast water events

37) Grand Canyon was carved before uplift

38) Grand Canyon sediments are over a mile deep

38) Grand Canyon plateau exhibits numerous evidences of classic catastrophic flood traits

40) Rapid deposition indicated by contact points of layers, lack of erosion, and type of sedimentation

41) Breccia, conglomerate and mud confirm flood

42) Fossils of crinoids, Nautiloids, and amphibian tracks confirm rapid burial

43) Vulcan’s Throne lava flow into the canyon proves recent activity

44) Mt. St. Helens’ eruption demonstrates catastrophic effects: rapid deposition and erosion, petrification

45) Worldwide incomprehensibly vast fossil fuel deposits confirm an immense world-simultaneous flood

46) No uniformitarian conditions today will yield fossil fuels, indicating catastrophic conditions required

47) It takes 3-7 feet of organic plant matter to yield one foot of coal

48) It does not take millions of years to create fossil fuels—we can do it in a lab

49)  All coal deposits yield measurable Carbon 14 making them “younger” than the things that died in them

50) Requirements to create fossil fuels are the exact circumstances created by a worldwide Flood

51) Banded Iron Formations require a worldwide simultaneous cataclysmic waterborne sedimentation event

52) Innumerable volcanic rock and sediment formations indicate rapid underwater deposition

53) Mountains arose after worldwide fossil deposition, as seen in numerous fossils

54) 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water; would cover it by 1.7 miles without the mountains

55) Ice Age requires sudden cataclysm

56) No fact disputes a worldwide flood, but all indicate it is indisputable fact

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