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By Wendy S. Scott

Are Your Willing To Believe the TRUTH when it is made plain to you?

Facts of Creation

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The Challenge of the Scientific Truth:

Many people have been persuaded to view the origins of the universe in a sort of “separation of church and state” framework—that science and faith are mutually exclusive, and should not associate with one another. 

In reality though, if God did actually create the universe, and all that is in it, that makes Him, undeniably scientific.  In fact, He would be the most brilliant, scientific mind to ever exist.  Evolutionists would like us to believe, however, that to foist these archaic notions onto the rest of the world as THE TRUTH is dangerous in our scientifically sophisticated society.  This is the dichotomy that society holds now, and as the “scientific” reader sighs deeply, possibly rolling his or her eyes, (not this garbage again) we can perhaps settle this matter quickly.  The entirety of this book can be dismissed by successfully answering one fundamental question:


You may not be aware of all the nuances of the scientific fields, and I would caution you to take your time in answering this question.  Sift through all of the vast knowledge that is available.  We are told that the unshakable, unmitigated scientific evidence for evolution is so powerful as to risk ridicule at the mere question of doubt, therefore dozens of examples should flood the mind. 

Here’s just a general reminder of what a fact is.  According to the World Book Encyclopedia definition:  “Facts are truths proved only through such means as experiment, testing, measurement, or scientific observation.”  A fact is known, by reasonable people, to be true because of undisputed evidence. 

Absurdly, the reader may be wondering how to narrow it down to just one fact?  Good, then select a simple one, just to start with.  Be careful though. There are many ideas that scientists declare to be facts.  For instance, one might say “we evolved” which is only a concept, not a fact.  One might also claim that a fossil find “is a transitional form,” when at best, it is a perceived or possible transition.   These are not tested and proven facts, and many rash professions have been redacted over the years.  Even radiometric dating is disputed by many evolution scientists. A genuine fact that establishes evolution should be scientifically indisputable, and should also rationally exclude the Creation model.  It therefore cannot be an accepted fact of the Creation model as well.

There are many scientific facts that people often assume contradict the Creation model.  Some of these are: the wide variation in species, natural selection of the fittest, dinosaurs, the Ice Age, mass pre-historic extinctions, types of plants and animals unique to the past, fossils, genetic mutations, the complexity and vastness of the universe, and evidence of “cavemen” and Neanderthals are among many common misconceptions.  The Creation Science model finds these factors to fit very well with expectations based on the Biblical account.         

This Layman’s Guide, however, does not intend to argue for the vague and ineffectual “Intelligent Design” model or water down the Creation account into a flexible model that allows for millions of years of evolution, and a mythical interpretation of Noah’s Flood.  This book will assume a literal, to the last word adherence to the Biblical model.  If Creation is such a fairy tale, it shouldn’t be hard to find one really good, blow it out of the water hard fact that completely belies the Biblical account.

Name one fact that even EVOLUTIONISTS all agree is unwavering and completely unshakable.  Go on, Take a few minutes to think about it.  This will wait.  Just don’t forget to come back . . .

Okay, weeding through the impenetrable mound of assumptions, suppositions, and unproven conclusions, one might be astounded to find that there are no facts to confirm evolution model and exclude the Creation Model of origins. 

Evolutionists know that there are no scientifically undisputed facts that demonstrate evolution, that’s why instead of giving them, they merely present the evidence molded to fit their assumptions—even when it is decidedly not the most logical conclusion. They declare every aspect of evolution a fact so often that people assume there is something factual behind it. 

Even though evolutionists will not even consider scientifically sound alternatives to evolution, they are still not able to agree to a single concept of how this “fact” of evolution played out.  From the Big Bang to the rise of man, there is strenuous dispute over how any of it occurred.   There are NO “facts” to exclusively substantiate the theory of evolution that ALL, WELL REGARDED EVOLUTIONISTS accept.   

But curiously, one may wonder, are there any scientific facts that point to the Creation model to the exclusion of evolution?  Facts that no reasonable scientist would deny?  There are:  Begin Guide Here



This Layman’s Guide is intended to reveal the simple logic of scientific TRUTH.  The author of this guide is not a research scientist.  This information has been compiled from an abundance of easily accessible, verifiable scientific authorities.  The majority of the information is common knowledge in the scientific realm,  and sources of lesser known facts are cited.  Do not quote the author as a scientific authority.  This guide is intended to systematically build the case for Biblical Creation through the logical alignment and application of the abundance of established scientific facts.


The Nov 2004 issue of National Geographic expresses being stunned by America’s ignorance!

Page 6 of David Quammen’s article “Was Darwin Wrong?”  reveals how evolutionists are baffled that in spite of the “overwhelming evidence” for evolution, “only 12% of Americans actually believe that humans evolved from other life forms without any involvement of a god.” 

The author is more startled over what two decades of polls reveal:  There has never been less than 44% of Americans who accept the creationist belief that God alone created humans without evolution within just the last 10,000 years!

Their explanation for America’s divine faith, and rejection of a purely naturalistic origin?  They claim that “Creation activists” work hard to interfere with the public school message, and thus people cannot discern what “knowledgeable experts accept as fact.”  They believe the rest of the millions of Americans are “honestly confused and ignorant” because of lack of exposure to a properly explained evolution Biology class.

On the other hand, could it be that the American people don’t really accept the notion that everything came from nothing without a Creative mind to form such obvious complexity?

Examine the FACTS for yourself which explanation actually produces testable science, and which explanation produces propaganda?  Evaluate the scientific evidence offered, and use your own logic to discern the TRUTH.

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